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The Freshest Fruit!


Our fruit bar consists of only the freshest seasonal fruits, locally sourced and prepared minutes before your consumption. We specialize in the freshest fruit (never, ever frozen) prepared constantly throughout the day to assure the best flavor and texture. Our fruits are never delivered, but hand-picked daily from local merchants. (the best fruit and local businesses support). They are then washed, sorted,and sampled efore cutting. This method insures the "best of the best" taste and texture for your fruit topping. The balance of the fruits are used to prepare our Smoothies that are 100% (Vegan) fruit and vegetable Granitas (Italian for Frozen Fruit).

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Experience soft serve like never before

Unlike the "shake and pour"  business models of most other yogurt shops, Tuttimellon creates their own flavor profiles. Using both plain and tart yogurt base products, we add only the best ingredients to find the perfect balance of great taste and clean product. We offer a variety of changing options in our "self serve" department including ice cream, sorbet, coconut milk, custards and, of course, yogurt.

Tuttimelon exclusively also features Tutti-WOW. At only 64 calories per cup, fat and lactose free, you can even indulge witout feeling guilty.

Amazing Tutti-WOW!

Tutti-WOW! is made from all natural ingredients and delivers amazing flavor. The nutritional profile is a game changer when compared to other frozen dairy desserts. Since many yogurts are fat free, most of the calories are in the sugars. Much of the sugar can be found in the naturally occurring lactose in the milk. Tutti-WOW! is made from fat free, lactose free milk. This results in many nutritional benefits that consumers are looking for today.

Are you:

Watching your weight?

Counting calories?

Reducing carbs?

Lactose intolerant?


Looking for healthy alternatives?

Tutti-WOW! is for you!


We start with non-fat milk. A filtering process separates and removes much of the lactose sugars and casein. Many individuals that suffer from milk allergies are really suffering from casein allergies. This leaves a yogurt / whey blend that is very low in calories while being great for those suffering from lactose intolerance.Tutti-WOW! has only 32 calories and 7 carbs in a half a cup. Since the lactose has been removed, those with lactose intolerance can now enjoy a frozen yogurt experience. Tutti-WOW! is diabetic friendly because of the very low glycemic index of the (naturally from fruit) sweetener, fructose. It is a much slower absorbing sweetener and does not cause "spikes" in our bodies. This also makes it great for sports or other activities giving you energy longer without the large crash after. Since it's 1.73 times sweeter than sucrose we can also use less. Fructose (from fruit) is a simple monosaccharide and one of the purest forms of sugar that you can ingest into your body. 

The other great attribute of these ingredients is that the product holds a higher degree of air. So, that 4 oz serving, looks like your getting 7 oz of typical frozen yogurt. So, a small serving is more pleasing to your eyes looking larger than it really is.

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Tutti-WOW! has changed my life, as someone who has lost about 120 pounds, I am able to keep using Tutti-WOW! as a weight loss tool in my life long journey!


After losing 80 pounds, I still use Tutti-WOW! today as a great way to have as much dessert as I want without worrying that my work out will not good enough to burn it off.


LOVE this place for the self serve fro-yo goodness and the wide variety of toppings!

The place is clean, colorful, and welcoming.

Makes me happy!  :)

Only your doctor can determine if Tutti-WOW is right for your situation.

132 Vintage Way Suite #F-9 Novato, CA 94945


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