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Enjoy.....Indulge....Get Healthy... Have Fun!

Founded in 2007 in San Francisco, Tuttimelon was a very popular and fast growing retailer of premium nonfat frozen yogurt and gourmet gelato & sorbets. "Tutti" means "all together" in Italian and "Melon" reflects the "freshness from fruits." All together we are putting health and freshness into our products to create an ultimate tuttilicious experience.


In 2010, Tuttimelon Novato joined forces and opened its doors to the Novato and North Bay residents. While most of the “absentee ownership” stores have gone away, the “hands on / family business” Marin County location continues to “raise the bar” and grow in popularity. We are a 100% family owned, non-franchised independent business. This has allowed us the freedom to model and change the business / products / flavors with our customer’s health, enjoyment, and experience being the main priorities.

Our Local Story - The Novato Difference

It's what's on the inside that counts

Mike and Marisa have always had an interest health and fitness… but also admittedly desserts… mostly ice cream, gelato and frozen yogurt. For years they traveled to many purveyors looking for the best experience. There were some great finds, but waiting 30 min to an hour at these artisan places was really inconvenient, and somehow reduced the desire to go back. But, what they mostly found was dirty environments, less than attentive teen age staffers (looking for direction?), old / frozen fruit toppings and product that could not be differentiated from the competitors. Yet, they were busy.??? It seemed that the industry had set the bar very low, and we’ve all accepted it as they “were all the same”. If this was a restaurant (and it is!) you would never go back. In fact, you would tell others to save their money and take a pass. We thought there had to be a better way to combine both business models, in a family environment, and elevate the employee / customer experience.

In 2009, Mike and Marisa decided to act on this dream and seize the opportunity to wow customers… focusing on everything they felt that was missing from most frozen dessert retail experiences. At the same time, they could help shape the lives of eager, young adults on their (often 1st) employment experience. We truly believe that this is the first big step in helping them become productive adults.


Tuttimelon Novato employs/ trains/ mentors young staff (working alongside the owners) with a focus on process, customer service, cleanliness, and exclusive “in-house” created recipe production. We also reinvest into the community donating thousands of dollars’ worth of free product to raise money to support local schools, non-profits, fire / police depts., blood drives, senior centers, etc. (Don’t forget to ask us to participate in your next event!)


Come and enjoy a different dessert experience and indulge – have fun – and stay healthy. We are confident that you and your family will love the contemporary, lively, and upscale environment designed to make everyone feel comfortable and happy. At the same time you can also visit some of your favorite shops in Vintage Oaks including Costco, Target, DSW, Nordstrom Rack and more!

132 Vintage Way Suite #F-9 Novato, CA 94945


Logo - Tuttimelon (FINAL-pfroyo-orange)[
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